How to create a contact form with Google form

I recently switched to the Jekyll + Netlify combo to release static sites. Among the advantages of this approach:

  • easy to develop and flexible
  • super fast loading time
  • scalable architecture
  • reliable hosting
  • secure


Netlify allows you to create a working html contact form simply by using the tags you find in their documentation. I tried it in the free version and it is an excellent service. After about 100 contacts per month, it is automatically upgraded to a pay-as-you-go subscription. However, the customer is not always willing to pay monthly to receive emails from their site.

There are several third-party services for creating contact forms: or to name a few. These services have limits that can be unlocked by subscribing to a monthly subscription.

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Static ecommerce for small businesses

The lockdown has highlighted the importance of having an online presence, many businesses at risk of closure have adapted and have found more or less creative solutions to continue their online business. The requests for eCommerce have increased, with the main need to have it in the shortest possible time and at an appropriate cost.
However, on the development side, there are no lean and economical solutions to build an eCommerce, for a series of factors such as the choice of the server, the choice of the CMS or the construction of an ad hoc solution, etc. Between backend development and frontend development months of work go by.

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